What is a FAT bike? A fat bike is a bike that has tires that are 4" - 5"wide to go through any terrain. No need to be a hardcore biker; tour is customized to your fitness level.
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Fatbike Tour

What is a FAT bike? A fat bike is a bike that has tires that are about 4" wide. To ride one for the first time is to rediscover biking! These bikes are designed and meant to go anywhere, anytime and they have virtually no impact on the vegetation.

Our larger helicopters have the option to attach a bike rack to the skids, so the riders and bikes all go up at the same time (up to 6 people total, including the guide) and you get dropped off at a mountain ridge overlooking Denali.

After a quick orientation about the bikes you'll be on your way to explore the area by FAT bike. Your guide knows the best viewpoints and routes. There are no trails and very few people have ever biked out here; this is a true wilderness trip. We can adjust the terrain to the groups experience, from a 2,000 ft fast descent to a gentle ride around the rolling hills along the lake shore.

However, since there are no trails it does take some experience and agility to react quickly to the terrain. There may be some short portages where you cross fast flowing glacial streams.

Total bike time is about 2 hours.


Tour Duration:

Total Flight:





3 hours 30 min 

35 Min

Remote Alpine Landing

Talkeetna & Knik Area

Local transfers included in Talkeetna

May 5–Sept 17



Child (2-11)



  • Helicopter flight to the majestic Alaska or Chugach Range

  • Includes a guided, 2-hour FAT bike tour including all gear

  • Small group size, expert guides, very personalized tour

  • Unique locations that nobody else can get to


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