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Are you one of those thrill seekers that have done it all and seen everything? Maybe not…we bet you never did a fat-bike helicopter tour, or kayaked on top of a glacier. How about exploring inside a giant crevasse? Or paddle around ice bergs ten times the size of your house?

Round up some friends or family and let us help you plan the most epic of all adventures. Believe it or not but we have guides that do all this stuff for fun and they are always looking for an excuse to go and play outside AK style. Summer or winter, there is stoke to be found and we enjoy taking people of all abilities out. You don’t have to be a trained expert; most of our guests have a slight disconnect between ability and dreams, hey that is where we come in! You provide the dreams, we help to make them happen safely.

Don’t be shy if the family thing seems to be in the way: we love taking mom and the kids too. OK, maybe we don’t send them down a crevasse but instead plan a family picnic with a 180 degree glacier view. Mom can relax with a glass of Chardonnay, and we take the gang out on an adventure to work up an appetite. Lunch around the campfire before the helicopter zips everybody back to reality, looking for wildlife on the way back.

Winter adventures? Sure! We do cool stuff year round, including camping at minus 55°. Josiah & Peter did that in March 2017 on the Yukon River with a group of Chinese guests. Loads of fun, helicopter did great, but don’t expect the propane heater in your tent to work in those temps. We ended up sleeping under the stars, around the campfire, good times!

Call or shoot us an email with your dreams, time of year, group size and age range and we’ll get back with you very soon. See you out there!

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Tour Highlights

  • Plan a family picnic with a 180 degree glacier view
  • We enjoy taking people out of all abilities
  • We do cool stuff year-round