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All about Winter Ice Climbing Tour

New tour alert!

We are so excited to offer this unique Alaska winter adventure! Seems like it's the perfect time to gear up and head outside after this difficult year we had. Alaska Sundog Guiding partners with Alaska Helicopter Tours to take you on a unique ice climbing adventure in the Winter!! Have you ever wondered what local Alaskans do in the wintertime? Get dressed up in your cold-weather gear and come visit us for a lifetime adventure.

Our friends at Alaska Sundog Guiding is introducing Winter Ice Climbing Tour and other summer tour offerings in this blog post.

Who is Alaska Sundog Guiding?

Our team has a combined 13 years of experience guiding in the Knik River Valley. Our guides are skilled in our various activities for all types and levels. As Alaskan adventurers themselves they want to offer their home, experiences, and incredible memories to your life.

Alaska Sundog Guides are a family committed to offsetting our impact on the planet with donations, education, and global outreach. By offering a safe, capacity-centered, drama-free environment; Alaska Sundog promotes motivation to make a difference and is dedicated to providing opportunity. We strive to live life to the fullest and to positively change the lives of our guests and staff.


Fly to a remote location where the landscape is frozen in time. Learn to ice climb on frozen waterfalls across from ancient glacier ice, in one of the most scenic places on the planet. Take a helicopter trip to the Knik River Valley to climb some of the largest frozen cascading waterfalls in the area. The Knik Gorge ice climbs are located in a secluded Alaskan destination that few travelers each year will have the chance to experience. Winter ice climbing tours run from January - March each season depending on seasonal temperatures.

DETAILS: 4-5 hour adventure completely unique to the Alaskan Traveler. Your guides will equip you with everything necessary to remain safe including a harness, helmet, boots, crampons, and ice tools to ensure a successful ascent up the ice

formation. Guests can choose to take on a steeper challenge or stay in their comfort zone, this is a challenge by choice adventure!


  • 2 Ice climbing instructors

  • Crampons, harness, helmet, ice climbing axes, plastic mountaineering boots, ropes, and hardware for top-rope climbing.

  • A top rope ice climbing experience on frozen waterfalls

  • Glacier Ice Cave Exploration

  • Knowledgeable glacier experts

  • Bodywarmers

  • Extra Warm Gear

  • Hot drinks


Adventurous people, ages 14 and older with a moderate level of fitness. No ice climbing experience is necessary. Alaska has extreme weather conditions and it can change often, guests will need to be prepared to face the Alaskan Winter temperatures for multiple hours.

Other Types of tours that we offer during the Summer season

Glacier Paddleboarding:

A crystal blue lake that forms on top of the ice sheet becomes your playground for the day. Take a swim and paddle in your personal drysuit and experience the depth of the glacier.

Half-day tour (3-4 hours) $769 pp


This float trip will take you down a remote river between three different glaciers in the South Central Alaska region. Here you will experience a calm float, search for wildlife and take in the mountainous views of Alaska in your very own raft.

Full day tour (6-8 hours) $999 pp

Mountain Running:

You will be dropped off high above the glaciers where you can run all day with unbeatable views. Run in a place where very few people have laced up their running shoes.

Half-day (3-4 hours) $629 pp Full day (6-8 hours) $829 pp

Summer Ice Climbing:

After a scenic flight, become immersed in one of Alaska’s largest named glaciers. Your guide for the day will assist you in ice climbing in and out of the captivating glacier walls. No experience is necessary to learn how to ice climb on the vertical glacier ice. This is a half-day tour (3-4 hours) and can be paired with any other activity to have a Full day (6-8 hour) tour. $899 pp

Heli Hiking:

Explore your adventurous side and experience the remote raw beauty of Alaska away from the crowds. During this tour, you will see wildlife, flora, and fauna, as well as glaciated peaks and waterfalls. Half-day (3-4 hours) $629 pp

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