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We love sharing the wilds of Alaska with the world! Educating people about our rapidly changing glaciers is one way we contribute to sustainable tourism, but you can help do more!

We are the only helicopter tour company in Alaska that partners with to offset our carbon footprint. When making a booking, you may be asked to donate $5 per person to Carbonfund. This donation will be used to replant forests and make investments in alternate energy sources. Thank you for your support!

You can also help by bringing a reusable water bottle to get some of the delicious glacial water instead of purchasing single-use plastic water that is shipped up from 'the lower 48’ states. We have some of the best water in the world: why ship it up from thousands of miles away?

Tourism is a great renewable resource for Alaska as we don't leave anything other than the occasional footprint. Please help us preserve our wildlands and glaciers for future generations. Thank you!

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