The Alaska Trifecta! Glaciers, icebergs and amazing alpine views. Three remote landings in one phenomenal tour. If you only have one day in Alaska, this is a tour you should consider.

Grand Knik Tour

This is one of our staff favorites as you have time to really experience the stunning beauty of the area by combining three activities. Fly by helicopter to Lake George, awarded Natural Landmark status for its scenic beauty. As the helicopter descents you’ll realize the scale of the glacier and icebergs; everything out here is XXL size! Some of the ‘bergs’ are the size of apartment buildings and take two years to melt. You will have a half hour to explore the shores as you take in the massive size of the ice and take pictures of the lake with Colony glacier in the background.

For your second landing, you will fly high above to an alpine meadow where you will have a unique birds eye view of the massive Knik glacier below, with Colony and Cataract glacier across Lake George. There is a good chance we’ll see bears foraging along the hillsides during the flight. We almost always see moose and Dall sheep.

Finally, your grande adventure has you flying to the middle of the Knik Glacier for a third landing at the azure colored melt pools. See the deep blue ice, and learn about the life cycle of glaciers and why they are so important to human life across the globe. You will have another half hour to safely explore the glacier with your experienced pilot / guide. Don't forget your water bottle so you can fill it up with that crystal clear glacier water! An adventure you will be telling friends and family about for years to come!


Tour Duration:

Total Flight:





2 Hours

45 Min

3 x remote landing

Knik River Lodge





Child (2-11)



  • Helicopter sightseeing with three (!) remote landings

  • Land on the shores of Lake George to view building size Glacial Icebergs

  • Land on a remote peak for a birds eye view of the mighty Knik Glacier

  • Fly down the Great Gorge of the Knik, a National Natural Landmark

  • Land on the Knik Glacier near the deep blue melt pools

  • Small group size, very personal tour - learn all about glaciers

  • Excellent chances of seeing wildlife

  • Transfers available for purchase from Anchorage for the 10:15am & 4:30pm departures*


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