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Why the Chugach Mountains are a Life-Changing Destination!

Are you thinking of heading to Alaska, but with so many beautiful cities and towns to choose from, you're not sure where to go? Did you know that in 2016 from May-September, more than 1.8 million people went to Alaska on vacation?

Have you heard of the Chugach Mountains before? In this article, explore why so many people are making the climb to this mountain. Read on to explore more about these beautiful mountains that are located completely within Alaska.

Chugach Mountains

The Chugach Mountains are part of the Pacific Mountain System in the Western part of the United States. You can find it from Cape Yakataga up to Turnagain Arm in the Cook Inlet.

Mount Marcus Baker

One of the top places to go in Alaska is Mount Marcus Baker. The elevation of it is 13176 feet which is the highest peak in the Chugach mountains.

You can enjoy the Alaskan views from a helicopter or climb this majestic peak. If you decide to climb, the best months for this are April, May, and June.

Chugach State Park

Chugach comes from the name for the indigenous people who are part of the upper cook inlet region. You can find Chugach State Park in southcentral Alaska, not too far from Anchorage.

Not only is it one of the largest state parks in the U.S., but you can enjoy various mountains and scenery such as the Prince William Sound, and the Wrangell Mountains.

Arctic Valley

This is an access point you'll be able to head to when you're traveling from Anchorage. There are plenty of trails to check out while you're here.

Whether you head there in the winter or summer, there's something for everyone. In the wintertime, it's a ski hill for the locals. Outdoor activities are popular here once it's spring.

If you decide to head there in the summer, there are plenty of various berries to choose from. Once you're done picking berries, you'll want to view Eagle River.

For a 4-mile trail, check out Rendezvous Peak. You can also head to Mount Gordon Lyon for views of Anchorage and the Eagle River.

Flattop Mountain

When you go to Alaska, do like the locals and head to Flattop Mountain. The trail up is steep and rocky, but there are loop trails for those who are looking for a less intense hike.

There's even a wheelchair-accessible loop you can take. You can enjoy the mountain views all around, and city views on the other side.

Black Tail Rocks

This is a town located north of Anchorage. This trail goes several feet above the Eagle River.

It involves following a trail that leads to the top for stunning views. Enjoy the views of the Meadow Creek Valley.

Mount Eklutna Loop

This summit is just to the east of Bear Point. You'll experience a scramble up a gravel trail that's short, and you can head to the Peters Creek Trail afterward.

1. Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier is a part of the Chugach Mountains that goes into the Knik River. You can enjoy ice walls that are hundreds of feet high at the toe of the glacier as well as rolling hills of ice when walking on top of the glacier.

While there are no roads to get here, you can enjoy Knik Glacier by enjoying a helicopter ride that heads to it; our Glacier Landing Tours and Grand Knik Tour both land at various locations on the Knik Glacier depending on the season and weather conditions.

If it looks familiar, that's because parts of Avalance and Star Trek V were filmed here. You won't want to miss out on the dog-mushing camp located on the ice or checking out this glacier by helicopter and landing to walk on it!

2. Lake George Glacier

This is the second landing spot location for our Grand Knik Tour. Many go to Alaska and enjoy sightseeing the Lake George Glacier. It's one of the most self-dumping lakes and the largest glacier-dammed lakes in North America.

This lake used to empty out each year until it's now blocked by the Knik Glacier. You can enjoy 164,261 acres.

3. Inner Lake George

This is a beautiful lake in Alaska that you won't want to miss. The elevation is quite high and isn't too far from other destinations such as the Knik River, Butte, and Ch'atan Kaq'.

Plenty of Wildlife To See

Whether by helicopter or foot, you'll see plenty of wildlife during your trip. There will be plenty of smaller animals along with Dall sheep, mountain goats, bears, and moose. Always keep your distance from the animals, and don't feed them.

Eastern Chugach Mountains

Out of all 3 eastern, central, and western mountains, the eastern is the least traveled to. Since it's only reachable by air, you'll want to hire helicopter services.

This area is east of the Copper River. You'll also find that many of the peaks are unnamed.

Some of the named mountains are Mount Steller, Tom White, Ragged Mountain, Hawkins, and Hanagita Peak. There are plenty of glaciers to check out as well.

Central Chugach Mountains

Travel Alaska and experience the highest mountain peaks of the Chugach Mountains by heading to the central region. There are also plenty of glaciers to check out such as Knik, Columbia, and Nelchina glaciers. It's in the southern territory of the Turnagain Arm.

Western Chugach Mountains

The highest point in the Western Chugach Mountains is Bashful Peak. Some of the other peaks include Bold, Yukla, Hunters, Baleful, West Kiliak, and Mount Rumble peaks, among others.

Why View Alaska by Helicopter?

Whether you're looking to check out waterfalls, glaciers, or land on mountain tops, helicopters are an easy way there. Get your camera ready, sit back, and relax as you take in the incredible views from dog sledding to glacier tours. It's great for when you're looking for small group or private tours.

Exploring All About the Chugach Mountains

Now that you've explored all there is about the Chugach Mountains, you're ready to start planning your next adventure. Are you dreaming of tall mountain peaks, valleys, streams, and glaciers all in one trip? Wanting to head to glaciers that are only accessible by air?

How about a tour that includes hiking with a helicopter trip? Whether you're celebrating an important event, or just to travel and see a new place, you'll want to check out the Alaskan views by air.

Ready to start your trip? Book your trip today, and explore the beautiful scenery all around that you just thought was in movies.

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