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The Story of Paul and Reagan: Helicopter Tour Proposal

Updated: May 4, 2021

Last month, I (Juno) was on Grand Knik Tour that Paul was planning a surprise proposal. We all got along really well and had lots of fun roaming around glaciers. It was such a beautiful Alaska winter day. At the third landing, when we were in front of a beautiful blue ice wall, Paul proposed and Reagan said yes. Look how surprised she was! It was such a sweet moment and I was glad to capture the moment. After we landed I asked them to tell us more about them and how he chose to propose on a helicopter tour. This is the story of Paul and Reagan.

Tell us about you. Where you're from, how did you two meet, and how long have you been together?

I'm from Florida and Reagan is from Alabama. We met in college at Auburn University through a mutual friend while both studying engineering. After we met, we became good friends and then started dating shortly after.

We still live in Auburn and have added two border collies to our family. We've been together almost 3 years now!

Photos: Juno Kim

It was such a special moment to witness the proposal in front of a beautiful glacier. What made you decide to propose during a helicopter tour? Was there any specific moment that influenced you to make the decision?

We love to travel and I knew I wanted to propose somewhere unique and memorable. We mentioned taking a trip to Alaska and I knew that was my chance! Once I saw pictures of Knik Glacier, I knew it would be perfect! Pictures do not fully capture how breathtaking the Knik Glacier is!

How did you find Alaska Helicopter Tours?

I was looking for places to go and see and activities to experience on our first trip to Alaska and I ran across Alaska Helicopter Tours. Once we saw the pictures of the Knik Glacier and all the positive reviews, we knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Photos: Juno Kim

How long have you been planning the proposal? Was it difficult to hide from your fiancé?

I had been planning it since around October when we first started planning our trip to Alaska. It was definitely difficult to hide for five months. Reagan at one point even mentioned it would be cool if I proposed in Alaska, which at that point I had already planned on proposing so it was difficult to not give away the surprise. I was glad that she was still very surprised and I didn’t accidentally ruin the surprise!

What did you talk about after you landed from the helicopter? Was your fiancé happy with the surprise helicopter proposal?

We first talked about how she was surprised about the proposal, and how I thought she might have known it was coming. We also talked about how amazing the experience was and how beautiful the glacier is! Yes, she was very happy and excited about the proposal!

Did you talk about any wedding plans after the proposal? A heli wedding perhaps?

We didn’t talk about any wedding plans immediately after the proposal, but as soon as we got back home a week later, we started wedding planning. We did talk about a helicopter wedding, but I think we are going to do something a little closer to our friends and family. Our trip to Alaska was such an amazing experience, and I hope we get to return sometime to see Alaska in the summer!

Photos: Juno Kim

What a sweet story! I'm glad I was able to capture the moment and it might be an inspiration to other couples if they are looking for surprise proposal ideas. Alaska Helicopter Tours has witnessed countless surprise proposals especially for the last couple of years and I can see why. Alaska glacier tours have a perfect combination of an exhilarating helicopter ride, out-of-this-world beautiful glaciers, and the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere.

Congratulations Paul and Reagan and thanks for choosing us to be part of your special day! We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

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