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Why Helicopter Tours are a Perfect Alaska Adventure

Why helicopter tours are a perfect Alaska adventure, you ask? Lots of reasons. But let’s start with the obvious: it’s an epic way to experience the vastness of Alaska.

Here are more reasons why helicopter tours are a perfect Alaska adventure to include in your next trip:


Travel experiences are all about your perspective. Change your perspective and you change your experience. Whether you are on dog sled rides on a glacier or you choose to fly scenic helicopter tours in Alaska, that will dictate the way you see and experience Alaska. I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing comparable to flying over Alaskan wilderness and along a massive glacier in a helicopter.


There are over 10,000 glaciers in the Chugach Mountains. Nearly all of them are not easily accessible. Unless you’re flying in a helicopter. The brilliance of helicopter flight brings the extraordinary and remote within reach. If you want to get right to the good stuff - without spending several days on foot getting there - then consider Alaska heli-hiking or heli-snowshoeing.


Don’t overlook the fact that flying in a helicopter is a thrill. To fly low over the tundra, seemingly skimming over endless Spruce trees and the winding channel of the Knik River is exhilarating. Especially at 90 mph!


Helicopters can land in more locations than small, fixed-wing planes. How else could you land next to the massive 100-foot-tall ice wall at Lake George or get to a remote peak for a panoramic view of the sprawling Knik Glacier or fly down the Great Gorge of the Knik, a National Natural Landmark. Oh, did we mention landing on the Knik Glacier near the deep blue melt pools? All this is possible in the Grand Knik Tour.

Spot Wildlife from Above

Moose and bear have a knack for hiding in Alaska’s wilderness. When you’re flying above them, you have a bird’s-eye view: a wonderful opportunity to spot them in their natural habitat. Your pilot will point out any wildlife along your flight path.

To Get Married!

How cool would it be to get married on a glacier? You can’t get any more Alaska than a heli wedding. Your memories will be amazing, nevermind the stunning photographs! Choose an intimate spot for a proposal or to renew your vows or a sweeping location large enough to accommodate a gathering of several of your friends and family.


Maybe you want to get straight-away to your private yacht charter in Prince William Sound or go heli-hiking in the Chugach Mountains. Or maybe a remote lodge far off the limited Alaska road system is more your idea of a vacation. Alaska Helicopter Tours and parent company, Alpha Aviation leave from three convenient locations: Anchorage flight services from Merrill Field in downtown Anchorage, the Knik Glacier valley in the Chugach Mountains (45 minutes northeast of Anchorage), and the small town of Talkeetna, the gateway to Denali National Park.

Alaska Adventure

All of these reasons add up to one big Alaska adventure. If you’re coming to the Last Frontier, make it epic. Whether you want to get up-close and personal with the mighty blue ice walls of Knik Glacier, go dog mushing on an ice field, get married on a remote glacier, drink the freshest water on earth, or just get that perfect Instagram shot, Alaska Helicopter Tours has you covered!

Browsing our scenic helicopter tours is the first step of planning your next Alaska adventure.

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